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  RESPONSES to CRITIQUES of the Mythicist Case
Presenting the basic case for the non-existence of an historical Jesus and a different origin of Christianity.


  • One:  Bernard Muller (with contributions by Richard Carrier & others) Part Two / Part Three
  • Two:  Gakusei Don on the Second Century Apologists; plus follow-up rebuttal
  • Three: Mike Licona - his review of Brian Flemming's film "The God Who Wasn't There"
  • Four: Alleged Scholarly Refutations of Jesus Mythicism - Part One / Part Two / Part Three
  • Five: Chris Zeichman - "Fear and Loathing in a Lost Gospel: Earl Doherty and the Case of Q"
  • Six: GakuseiDon - "Book Review of Jesus: Neither God Nor Man"
  • Jeffrey Gibson and Me: A case of obsessive hostility toward Jesus mythicism on the FRDB
  • Challenging Doherty: Addressing some remarks on Main Article No. 1 by Dr. Paula Fredriksen
  • Debates on the FRDB (Freethought Rationalist Discussion Board):
    One: On Minucius Felix
    Two: On the Ascension of Isaiah
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