Was There No Historical Jesus?
Earl Doherty

The Jesus Puzzle: Did Christianity Begin With a Mythical Christ?
has been translated into German:

Das Jesus-Puzzle : Basiert das Christentum auf einer Legende?

Published by:
Angelika Lenz Verlag
Fasanenweg 8
D-31535 Neustadt

The book (paperback, 492 pages) may be ordered direct from the publisher. Send a Money Order for 25,90 Euro made out to "Angelika Lenz Verlag" to the above address. (Price includes mailing cost.) For more information, e-mail: <> or visit their website at

Translation of The Jesus Puzzle was assisted by Dr. Hermann Detering of Berlin, to whom I offer many thanks. See the link to his website "Radical Criticism" at the bottom of the Home Page.

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